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OpenGL Model High-resolution textures only. Must not have been released commercially before. Installing Please read the FAQ. Download 1. Unzip the file and place the directory inside your "models" directory. 2. On the X-Plane 10 FS-3, go to your'models' folder and "reload" the scenery. Make sure to also reload 'world' and 'afu'. Making Options Rows 1-12 work on all airplanes, but rows 13-25 are for the CA80 and are only visible on that airplane. To use these options on other airplanes, use different rows. Change only one row at a time. If you change the first row, everything will automatically be changed to match. Have fun! FAQ You can find the FAQ in the FAQ subdirectory in the archive. Why are there two versions of the 'glider'? The 'glider' has a different name in Abacus Diamond DA40TDI than in all the other scenery. I chose to include both, for no particular reason. I'll delete the Abacus version from future updates. Why is the model different from the default model? There were a lot of changes to the model, so I decided to separate it into multiple.p3 files. Why are the details different than the default model? The details were reworked completely. You might notice that some areas are more detailed than others, but this is mostly because of the different scales that the textures were made in. The size of the textures is so much smaller now. Why are there some ground textures with an '?' in them? Ground textures were from the Abacus 3.0 release. If you use ground textures from the Abacus 3.0 release, they are likely to have some problems. When I unzip the file, I get two archives (one for each model), but when I unzip them, I only get the second archive and there is no 'glider' subdirectory. How do I use these models? If you open up the second archive with 7-zip, you'll find a.p3 file inside there. Just copy this.p3 file into your'models' directory (in the folder where the.p3 file you are currently looking at is).



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Da 40 Tdi Fsx
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